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  • Believing in the principles of the Association, and desiring to aid and assist in the maintenance of those principles, the undersigned hereby makes application for membership therein. The undersigned applicant agrees to uphold those principles, the Code of Ethics, and the By-laws of the Association. The undersigned further agrees, in consideration of his membership in the Ventura County Contractors Association, and in consideration of his right as such a member to participate in any group insurance plan of the Association, to assign and does hereby assign, transfer and set over to said Contractors Association, any and all of his right, title, and interest in and to any insurance dividend and/or group bonus to which he would otherwise be entitled, in the event the undersigned is no longer a member in good standing of, or is delinquent in his dues to said Association or in event he is delinquent in premium payments at the time said dividend becomes payable.
  • Upon submitting your application, The VCCA will review and process your request. Upon acceptance, you will be contacted for invoice and payment options. Thank you for your application.