Annual Fishing Charter

The VCCA 1st Annual Fishing Charter in Review

This past spring the VCCA Board agreed to a fishing charter event as a member benefit, though we had no idea what interest there would be from members. We reserved the Speedtwin operated out of Channel Islands Sport Fishing for Saturday, August 19.

The 40 spots were filled over a month in advance and we even agreed to 10 more reservations.

By 6am the day of the fishing trip, 46 people were signed in and we headed out on the Speedtwin. The conditions were excellent making for a great day of fishing – the waves were minimal, an overcast morning kept it cool, then the sun came out around noon recharging the group.

We had a mix of seasoned fishermen and newbies who were set-up with license and gear at the dock, including the sons of a couple of our members. Captain “Jesse” took us directly to Santa Cruz Island just off of Yellow Banks. Everyone started catching fish immediately keeping the able deckhands busy gaffing fish, untangling lines, tying up hooks and weights for anglers, and bagging fish.

Speedtwin owner, Mike Laub, was the cook/bartender for the day. He did a great job handling the entire group and the food was very good. Throughout the day we raffled off popular fishing lures, which were received well. It appeared the lures were more effective on the anglers than they are on the fish, and they work well on the fish.

In all 339 fish were caught . . . 255 assorted Rockfish, 51 Ocean Whitefish, 18 Yellowtail (the most targeted fish of the day), 7 Sculpins, 6 California Sheephead, and 2 Ling Cod. Don Fromberg of Paradise Chevrolet won the $400 plus jackpot catching the largest fish of the day – a Yellowtail over 25 lbs. We averaged about 7.5 fish per person which is great in comparison to many fishing trips I have experienced.

When I asked for suggestions on how the VCCA could improve the event, the top 2 were – do it more than once a year and reserve 2 boats so more people could participate!

It was agreed by all it was a fun-filled event and the VCCA booked the Speedtwin for Saturday, August 18th, 2018.

Looking forward to next year,
Thank You
Wayne Pendrey
Board Member