Thomas Fire Resources

The VCCA is here to help support the victims of the Thomas Fire.
We strongly encourage you to check the license status of any contractor and sub-contractor that will be performing work on your property.  Some of our members who are ready to assist you with the rebuilding of your property are listed below.
You are also welcome to view our entire list of contractors HERE.

The following links are to a few of the more relevant flyers and brochures that may help you through the process of selecting a competent and qualified contractor.
Check the license status of any California contractor here.
The CSLB has a library of helpful brochures here.
We have provided links to the more helpful topics below.

After A Disaster Don’t Get Scammed

Tips on protecting yourself after a disaster
( PDF | other PDFs: Spanish )

Ten Tips for Making Sure Your Contractor Measures Up

( PDF | other PDFs: Spanish | Chinese | Korean | Russian | Vietnamese )

Checklist for Prescreening Contractors

( PDF )

What Seniors Should Know Before Hiring a Contractor

Provides information for seniors on hiring and doing business with contractors
( PDF | other PDFs: Spanish )

What You Should Know Before Hiring a Contractor

Provides information on hiring and doing business with contractors
( English | Spanish | Chinese | Korean | Tagalog | Vietnamese )

A Consumer Guide to Filing Construction Complaints

Describes how to file complaints against contractors with CSLB
( PDF | other PDFs: Spanish )

A Consumer Guide to Home Improvement Contracts – Terms of Agreement

Information for homeowners about the requirements of home improvement contracts
( PDF )

Choosing the Right Landscaper

Information about selecting a landscaper
( PDF )

A Homeowner’s Guide to Preventing Mechanic’s Liens

Describes what a homeowner needs to know to prevent a lien against his/her property
( PDF | Order | other PDFs: Spanish )

Conditional and Unconditional Waiver and Release Forms
( PDF )

Tips for Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Information about roof maintenance and hiring and working with roofing contractors
( PDF | Order | other PDFs: Spanish )

Thomas Fire Contractors List

This list is of our current membership is good standing that are Residential Contractors, Sub-Contractors, or General Contractors that want to help our Local Community Rebuild

Also companies that have supplies and other services.

For more information on these companies- Go to our main directory on our website.

General Contractors

 Name                                     Contractor’s License#                Phone Number

Al Lowe Construction Inc                       614692                     (805) 604-1104

Allen Construction                                   503300                     (805) 324-5721

Anderson Construction                          440725                     (805) 844-0503

Celentano Construction Company       1022834                   (310) 972-0879

Craig R Oswald                                          850143                     (805) 797-6913

David Atkin Construction                       506351                     (805) 642-1958

Herron Construction Co                         825537                     (805) 558-6905

Judson Builders, Inc                                662701                    (805) 643-9306

Master Craftsman Const.                       955352                     (805) 290-0456

Worden Custom Homes & Rem.           1001063                   (805) 657-6798

Clean Up/ Hazardous Waste Disposal

Precision Environmental                       480595                    (805) 377-7794


G & R Concrete Inc                                  731379                     (805) 659-3159


California Electrical Company              429669                     (805) 646-6296

Fire Sprinklers

A & S Fire Protection Inc.                       838418                     (805) 650-2505

R & R Fire Protection Inc.                      808823                     (805) 654-0922

Grading/Paving/Land Clearing

D.J. Stines Inc                                            856438                     (805) 524-7985

Summer Construction                             597494                     (805) 933-9364

Heating and Air Conditioning

Anderson Refrigeration Inc                    633627                     (805) 984-1329


Hansen’s Plumbing & Mechanical       623180                     (805) 647-0113

Ventura County Plumbing                      629596                     (805) 650-1941


Vista Steel Company                                257955                     (805) 653-1189


CEMEX   (Concrete)                                 Associate                (805) 637-3430

HUB Construction Supplies                  Associate                (805) 644-7221